5 benefits of a plant-based diet

Carry one more conscious eating, from vegetable origin and avoiding ultra-processed foods brings multiple benefits, not only to our body, but also to our environment.

Currently, the number of people who, for various reasons, adopt a type of diet that excludes foods of animal origin is increasing. Whether you're thinking about eating less meat or cutting it off altogether, the benefits are obvious: lower risk of disease and better health and well-being. 

What are the benefits of a healthy plant-based diet?

We share the 5 benefits which for us are fundamental:

  1. You take care the planet.
  2. Upgrades Your Health.
  3. You avoid animal suffering.
  4. Upgrades your mood.
  5. You decrease food waste.

How to incorporate a plant-based diet?

Nowadays, eating a plant-based diet is very easy and accessible. To get started, we recommend find out from specialists and find easy-to-prepare recipes. If you would like to cut back on meat, try preparing a meatless meal once a week and as you get used to it you can add more days. The positive impact will be huge! 

Anyway, it is important to remember that sustainable food it is more than just reducing animal products, it's also about reducing waste food, eat more local and seasonal foods and choose more sustainable packaging.  


On Vegaly we are aware of the positive impact that a healthier and more organic life generates for people and the world in which we live. Our mission is to inspire to open barriers and change realities. We believe this change should start with a healthy and mindful plant-based diet. The decision to choose a sustainable path is a great step to improve ourselves. It's time to be our best version!