Chapter 2: Did we make mistakes when starting the project?

Yes! We have made mistakes that allowed us to learn and enjoy a process of growth and self-improvement, where resilience was the characteristic that allowed us to move forward. Without these mistakes we would never have been able to improve.

We will tell you some of these problems, what's more, we will even list them for you:

1. Name and design: We thought more than 150 names for the brand before “Vegaly”. At first the winning name was "Proganic", we liked the fact that it related the characteristics of organic products with a name that gave us a sense of seriousness and professionalism that represents us.

We began to work on the identity of this brand, on logo and packaging designs, always with the name "Proganic" and what it represented. We spent a month between back and forth and these are the results of that process:

Proganic primer intento proteína en polvo

Not only were we not convinced, they seemed unprofessional and not so authentic; in turn, when we wanted to register this trademark, we realized that it was already registered in Europe. To rethink everything again!

We could not have had more luck, since this first mistake gave birth to our current name, "Vegaly", which was accompanied by a new design that comes to life to excite us more than ever and offer a fresh and disruptive image for the market. A brand that represents the energy, joy and warmth that we seek for our natural plant-based products. 

2. We wanted to choose a material that is as sustainable as possible, but without neglecting the importance that being a food product, it requires a container of certain characteristics to preserve the best conditions so that it does not go bad and does not damage the Health. We doubt a lot between a plastic container vs another one made of Kraft and aluminum. Finally, we opted for a very fine recyclable plastic container, this minimizes the use of plastic and facilitates its recycling capacity. This plastic is much easier to recycle than aluminum. Anyway, we are still looking for a better alternative😊.

3. Problem! The packaging design was different from what we wanted. The colors were a bit more opaque and the factory added two white lines to the design by mistake. The next productions of Vegaly will come with the corresponding changes.

We show them how we wanted them to be vs how they have been:

Proteina Vegaly


4. We were a little too large for the cardboard shipping boxes. We will work in the future to reduce its size once we finish the initial stock, in this way, we will be able to minimize the use of this material.


5. One of the greatest tragedies! We were super excited about our first plant protein production, we had our product ready, we were super happy and excited to be able to share it with you, but when the truck arrived at the warehouse and we saw the boxes, we almost burst into tears. Unfortunately, we had to return the entire first production to the factory as the Pallet it came in collapsed and the proteins were badly damaged and crushed. They did not meet our quality standards at all. This delayed our launch by 30 days and was a very hard blow to take in.

.Cajas de cartón para envíos - ecommerce

 But as you know, Vegalit @ s resilience! Nothing stopped us and today we are stronger than ever and happy to deliver our products to all of Spain.

Yes, there were mistakes but we also had many successes ...

1. The most important thing. Be clear about what we want to achieve, what type of company we want to be and our values, to make healthy, sustainable, quality, honest, transparent and rich products.
2. We understood that the focus had to be on offering a healthy product of the highest quality, achieving a perfect formula and thus obtaining the best flavor. We look for the best organic raw materials of the highest quality. We did product, dissolution, and taste tests on nearly 100 people. As you know, we spent eight months researching formulas and flavors with Food Engineers and nutritionists to find what today is the formula that is perfect for us😊, where health is combined with the enjoyment of a very plant-based product. rich.
3. We managed to form an incredible team, where we all push each other day by day to take small steps that help us improve and grow, in order to offer more and better products to all people.
4. We were selected for the Lanzadera program, an initiative of Juan Roig, owner of Mercadona, whoEU seeks to help small entrepreneurs to create value within Spain for the World. This opportunity will allow us to accelerate our growth and share it with more people..

    I hope you liked this chapter 2, from #BlogTransparente. Stay tuned that very soon we will publish the Chapter 3, where we will tell you a little about our first sales and the difficulties we had when going to the market. Don't forget to subscribe!

    Greetings Vegalit @ s!