Chapter 3: Our real numbers | 2021

Hello Vegalit @ s!

I hope you are enjoying life very much! Today I want to talk to you and show you the numbers behind Vegaly.

The objective is to continue accompanying Our values to be transparent and honest. At Vegaly we have nothing to hide. We love that they are part of the project that we are building together, and can really know each other, for what know who and what you are choosing.

I wanted to tell you that one of our goals for the future is to be able to reduce the prices of our products so that each day they are more accessible to everyone.

Today these are our costs:

Detalle costes Vegaly 2021The production cost It is what makes our products more expensive. This cost is explained because to guarantee the best possible quality, we take care and select our ingredients and raw materials with great responsibility. On the other hand, as we are starting out, we have a small production capacity and that makes our costs per unit produced more expensive than we would like.

The second cost they see is that of shipping boxes and storage. There's not much else here we can do today, since we compared many options and chose the one that we liked the most, trying to minimize the impact of the cardboard and making the boxes a little thinner.

We also have to add the commission costs for online payments and shipping that despite offering these 100% free, from Vegaly we must face that expense. 

Finally, there are the investment costs in marketing, salaries and fixed costs and taxes. ANDthese costs are not listed in the table because they do not affect the cost per unit, but our total costs.

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