How do I choose a quality protein powder?

Buying a protein powder for the first time can be overwhelming. There are many options on the market and we know that for first timers it is sometimes difficult to find the right partner.

What brand of protein is good?

From Vegaly we give you some simple but effective advice so that it is not an impossible mission. A clue, you are on the right track finding it on our website.

Everything is solved by reading the product labels very well and taking some simple tips into account.

What things to keep in mind when buying a protein powder?

Avoid additives and ingredients unknown: It is important that it contains the least possible amount of additives and the best way to solve this question is to see on the back of the container what the ingredients are. While less and simpler are better for you, be wary of those that use unknown substances in their formula.

He prefers those that do not provide sugars: It is preferable not to consume those that contain sugar in their composition.

Let it be clear the amount of amino acids it provides: All powders on the back must have the amino acid profile (aminogram) and the contribution of amino acids must be clear. 

Check the percentage of protein intake: The purity of the protein is important, so we recommend that you check the labels for the percentage of contribution it makes to your Body.

Are you looking to increase muscle mass? Something very simple to take into account is which are the amino acids that help you the most to increase muscle. Look on the back of the package for the following amino acids; L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine and L-Valine.

That suits your requirements: Last but not least is the fact that it suits what you need and not the other way around. There is a wide range of protein powders on the market, so if you have any dietary restrictions make sure the product is the right one (for example: lactose-free, sugar-free, gluten-free, soybeans, etc.)

That dissolves well: Some products do not dissolve well and leave lumps or unpleasant textures on the palate. The good news is that not all products are the same! If you have already tried and ran into this problem, we encourage you to change and try Vegaly ;).

Follow these tips and you will see that getting a quality product is not an impossible task.