Plant Based, what is it?

Surely you have heard a lot about the Plant Based plans and, surely also, many times you will have some doubts. The first thing to keep in mind is that a Plant Base diet is not a vegan or vegetarian diet. What are the differences? We will tell you about it in this post.

What is a Plant Base diet?

Fundamentally the important thing is to understand that when we talk about it, we refer to a food pattern in which the consumption of foods of plant origin will be the basis of the diet. Fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, seeds, and legumes are our mainstay and few or no animal products can be added to them.

Is it the same as going on a vegetarian or vegan diet?

Not! Although many times it generates confusion, it is important to clarify that the plant-based plan can include (depending on your tastes and choices) foods of animal origin, such as meat, dairy and eggs, only in less proportion. In other words, a plant-based diet is not restrictive of the consumption of foods of plant origin, as a vegan diet would, for example.

Does it have benefits?

In general, increasing the consumption of foods of plant origin allows you to deflate, balance body weight, improve cholesterol and glucose levels, help control pressure, it is beneficial to treat allergies, headaches and joints, or other symptoms ... But beware! Going on a plant-based diet is not dieting to lose weight. If you have special needs we recommend that you consult a doctor

What should I consider?

- First of all, we always recommend consulting a nutritionist, as it is very important to always be able to have the support of a professional who guides us and also supports us. 

- In a plant-based diet, we should always check the levels of vitamin B12 to make sure not to generate a deficit.

- Eat protein. Our body needs it, so it is very important to review your intake and make sure you consume it in the right amounts. 

- Make colorful plates. make good food combinations, to be able to acquire all the nutrients that our body needs.


We hope we have clarified your doubts and that you are encouraged to increase the intake of plant-based foods in your diet. It's good for you and it's good for the planet.