Chapter 1: Vegaly's Beginnings

Chapter 1 - How did the project start?

Hello Vegalit @ s! Today our transparent blog begins, the idea is that they can get to know us better and understand what this adventure that has just started is about. 

We knew that we wanted to develop plant-based food products to be able to combat three main pillars, improve the Health of people, generate awareness for the welfare of all living beings and contribute to the fight for a more world sustainable.

My name is Ivan, and together with Remi we created Vegaly. We want to start by saying that we love the taste of meat, we would be lying if we did not say this, but what we do not share is its process and everything that this diet involves and the negative impact that it entails.

I am Argentine and I cannot explain the meat consumption there. Personally, and when I lived there, I used a lot. I was not as aware of the background of the situation and the process that these foods entail. By informing myself, I chose to change. I am in a process of change with the aim of being more conscious and sustainable every day.

In this transition we realized that there is a lack of alternatives that are healthy and rich. It is for this reason that Vegaly was born, to accompany this change and ensure that eating a plant-based diet is not a sacrifice.

Our products are focused on being healthy, rich and sustainable.

In Spain there are approximately 10% of people who are "Veggie": Vegans 0.3%, 2.8% Vegetarians, 6.9% Flexitarians. This means that more than 95% of the population consumes food mainly based on animals.

We need to support people who are already sustainable and accompany the change of the remaining 95%, seeking to raise awareness so that they choose more sustainable habits. If most of us reduced our consumption of animal products by just 20%, the positive impact would be immense.


From Vegaly we want to enjoy life and contribute to our planet

towards a healthier, caring and sustainable world.


Our first steps:

Remi and I have been best friends since we were 12 years old, one was in Spain and the other in Argentina. It was our convictions that led us to encourage ourselves and begin to investigate the needs and the best way to start this journey. They spent months of product research and development alongside a team of nutritionists and food engineers and PUM! We understood that people's first concern when relying on a plant-based diet came from potential new sources of protein. Here then, our first products, the best Vegetable Protein Powder.

Proteína Vegetal en Polvo

Proteína Vegana

Proteina Vegetal en Polvo

We listen to you.

Health first, a good protein supplement must have the best characteristics, easy absorption and a complete amino acid profile, where there is no shortage of essential amino acids to activate the body and mind. Second, that it tastes good and is richThis means that one enjoys taking it, that it dissolves very well, without lumps. That it does not have an artificial flavor and that it has just the right point of sweetness. Basically, it is not a sacrifice to consume it, but an enjoyment. Third and not least, the organic origin of its ingredients, that they are of the best quality and let us know their origins, understanding that a plant-based path must be sustainable with the environment.

Start Up in Spain. 

Did we make mistakes?

Of course! The first mistake is not having used sustainable glasses for product testing.

It is normal to make mistakes, and we will continue to do so. The important thing is to learn, solve them, not repeat them and improve.

We will tell you more about the most serious problems we had when launching the project in Chapter 2 of our transparent blog.

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