Protein shakes, what are they?

In recent years in the fit world, protein shakes have become popular ... Surely if you have never tried them, or if it is your first approach, you are wondering what exactly they are and if you can take it or if you need to take something into account particular...

The first thing to know is that when we talk about a protein shake we mean generally sweet-tasting and smooth-textured beverages that have a high concentration of these macromolecules, presented in an easily assimilable way for our body. 

Among many of its functions, vegetable protein shakes can help you gain muscle mass and lose weight.

Can we only take protein if we do high performance training?

Of course not! In fact, the consumption of protein shakes is often recommended in cases in which, for example, we do not have time to cook. In the case of special diets, they are a good way to consume all the essential amino acids that the body needs (remember in this case to consult your nutritionist doctor for advice, there are many types of supplements from protein powder and it is important to find the right one for you).

How do you put together a smoothie vegetable protein?

The first thing to know is that if you choose to consume protein powder, to make the shakes you must mix it with milk (the one of your preference), water or juices to later consume it immediately. 


How do I choose a protein to start consuming it?

As we recommend before, it is good to consult a professional to indicate which is the type that best suits your needs and it is also very important to check the origin of the ingredients. We recommend that you always choose those options that do not use preservatives or genetically modified foods. Many foods hide behind being healthy and in fact their intake can harm us.

Most importantly, remember that consuming protein shakes is not necessarily the same as maintaining a healthy diet. That's why te we always recommend following the advice of a nutritionist and not abandoning your attention for the rest of your diet in order to have a balanced intake of food and nutrients.