Chocolate and banana protein shake

Those of you who have tried Vegaly know of its great dissolution and flavor. That is why, taking it in shakes is super delicious and we love it. Today we will share an idea of a vegan chocolate and banana protein shake, but before we start, we want to tell you the benefits of consuming this shake :)

Plant-based protein shakes can help:

💪🏼 Improve your health and recharge yourself with energy.

💪🏼 Reduce your muscle fatigue.

💪🏼 Improve the recovery and definition of your muscles naturally.

💪🏼 Help build and maintain antibodies, hormones, enzymes, collagen, and much more.

💪🏼 Being satiating helps to lose fat having a caloric deficit.

💪🏼 By being healthy and feeling good, the state of your mind improves.

In addition, with Vegaly you are choosing a conscious and sustainable product with the environment.

As you can see, proteins are VERY important and we must consume the amount that our body needs. To make a complete protein shake, in addition to the protein, we have added the banana as a source of carbohydrates. 

And now other questions that you ask us a lot:

When should the protein shake be taken? Although this shake can also be taken after training, it will be very good for you before an intense workout. 

Can we only take protein if we do high performance sports? Of course not! In fact, the consumption of protein shakes is often recommended in cases in which, for example, we do not have time to cook properly. In the case of special diets, they are a good way to consume all the essential amino acids that the body needs and reach the optimal levels of recommended daily protein: 1 gram of Protein for each Kg of your weight, if you train 1.25g / 1.5g for each Kg of your daily weight.

Having said all this, now we will tell you the recipe for this suuuuper protein shake.


Receta batido proteico chocolate y plátano

👉🏼 250 ml of water (you can also try vegetable milk).
👉🏼 1 ripe banana.
👉🏼 30 g of vegan chocolate-flavored protein powder.
👉🏼 15g peanut butter
👉🏼 1 c.c. pure cocoa powder.

💚 1. Blend the banana with the rest of the ingredients until you get a smooth smoothie.
💚 2. Rectify the amount of water or vegetable milk if you want a thinner shake.

We hope you like this recipe very much and that it inspires you to try new delicious protein shakes.

Greetings from the entire Vegaly team.