Tips para una vida más sostenible

Tips for a more sustainable life

Leading a more sustainable life is just as important for the planet, as it is for your health. It is extremely important to be aware of the impact ...

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Capítulo 1: Inicios de Vegaly

Chapter 1: Vegaly's Beginnings

Chapter 1 - How did the project start? Hello Vegalit @ s! Today our transparent blog begins, the idea is that they can get to know us better and un...

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Receta de Pancakes de Proteína. Si estas buscando nuevas opciones saludables para incorporar a tu desayuno, aquí te dejamos una receta super fácil y deliciosa para que comiences el día con mucha energía...

Protein pancakes

If you are looking for new healthy options to incorporate into your breakfast, here is a super easy and delicious recipe to start the day with a lo...

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Plant Based, ¿qué es?

Plant Based, what is it?

Surely you have heard a lot about the Plant Based plans and, surely also, many times you will have some doubts. The first thing to keep in mind is...

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