We are aware of the trust they place in us. This is why we understand that it is our responsibility to protect your privacy.
On this page we are going to tell you what information we store when you use our website, you will understand why we store it and how we use it to improve your experiences as users. This will give you a clear idea of exactly how it works.
This privacy policy applies to the services of www.myvegaly.com.
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In this Privacy Policy you will find all the relevant information regarding the use we make of the personal data of our clients and users.
We want to be transparent with you, that is why we explain what we do with your personal data, so that you can easily understand the implications of the use we carry out of your data; and the rights that assist you in relation to them:

  • We permanently make this Privacy Policy and Cookies Policy available to you, which you can consult at any time.
  • You will also find information about the processing of your personal data as you progress in your purchase process or interact with us.

Through this website, personal data of users are collected with their knowledge and express consent.

In order to offer you the best service and in order to facilitate use, the number of pages visited, the number of visits, as well as the activity of users and their frequency of use are analyzed. For these purposes, www.myvegaly.com uses the statistical information prepared by the Internet Service Provider.

www.myvegaly.com uses cookies to collect information from users, we inform you of the use of cookies on this website in Cookies Policy. Our own, session cookies are used for technical purposes (those that allow browsing through the website and the use of the different options and services that exist in it) and third parties, for statistical and commercial purposes.

This portal (www.myvegaly.com) contains links to third-party websites, whose privacy policies are unrelated to that of www.myvegaly.com. By accessing such websites you can decide whether to accept their privacy and cookie policies. In general, if you browse the Internet, you can accept or reject third-party cookies from the configuration options of your browser.


The person responsible for the processing of personal data obtained through this web portal is www.myvegaly.com.
Email of the Data Protection Officer: info@myvegaly.com.


Depending on the products, services or functionalities that you want to enjoy at all times, we will need to process some data or others, which in general will be, as the case may be, the following:

  • Your identifying data (for example, your name, surname, language and country from which you interact with us, contact information, etc);
  • Economic and transactional information (for example, your payment or card details, information about your purchases, orders, returns, etc.);
  • Connection, geolocation and navigation data (in case you interact with us from your mobile, for example);
  • Commercial information (for example, if you are subscribed to our newsletter),
  • Data about your tastes and preferences.

Remember that when we ask you to fill in your personal data to give you access to any functionality or service on the web, we will mark some fields as mandatory, since they are data that we need to be able to provide the service or give you access to the functionality in question.

Please bear in mind that, if you decide not to provide us with this information, it is possible that you will not be able to complete your registration as a user or that you will not be able to enjoy those services or functionalities. In certain cases, a third party may have provided us with information about you when using a functionality or service on the website. In such cases, we will only process your data in relation to that functionality or service, in accordance with the provisions of this Privacy Policy and our Cookies Policy.

Manage your registration as a web user In case you decide to register as a user in our store, we need to process your data to identify you as a user of it and give you access to its different functionalities, products and services that are available to you as a registered user. You can cancel your registered user account by contacting us through Customer Service.
Development and execution of the sale contract. This purpose includes the processing of your data for, mainly:
▪ Contact you in relation to updates or informative communications related to the functionalities, products or services contracted, including the sending of quality surveys on the products or services provided.
▪ Manage the payment of the products you buy, regardless of the payment method used.
▪ Manage possible changes or returns once you have made a purchase and manage requests for information on product availability.
▪ For billing purposes and to make the tickets and invoices of the purchases you have made on the web available to you.
Customer Support We only process the personal data that is strictly necessary to manage or resolve your request or request.

If you use the telephone channel, the call can be recorded to attend to your request and guarantee its quality.
Marketing purposes Personalize the services we offer you and be able to make recommendations based on your interaction with www.myvegaly.com on the web and the analysis of your user profile

Show you advertising on the Internet that you can see when you browse websites and apps, for example, on social networks. The advertising you see may be displayed randomly, but at other times it is advertising that may be related to your purchase history, preferences and browsing.
Analytical and statistical purposes. We inform you that we will treat your browsing data for analytical and statistical purposes, that is, to understand the way in which users interact with our Platform and with the actions that we can carry out on other websites and apps and thus be able to to introduce improvements.



We are entitled to process the personal data that you provide us depending on the purpose for which we use them.

Manage your registration as a web user Your registration as a user is necessary so that you can operate in our online store and for this it is necessary that you provide your data at the time you carry out your registration as a user.
Development and execution of the sale contract. The processing of your data is necessary for the execution of the sale contract that will link us with you.

It is possible that some data processing associated with the purchase process is activated only because you request or authorize us, such as the storage of payment data (card) for future purchases or to inform you of the availability of our products ( in case this functionality is available). In these cases, the basis on which we process your data is your own consent.
Customer Support. In this case, we understand that the processing of this data is also beneficial for you insofar as it allows us to be able to assist you properly and resolve the queries raised.
Marketing purposes The legitimate basis for processing your data for marketing purposes is the consent you give us, for example: when you agree to receive personalized information through various means, when you configure in such a way that you allow personalized advertising to be shown, or when you accept the legal bases for participate in a promotional action.
Analytical and statistical purposes. We have a legitimate interest to analyze the usability of the website and the degree of user satisfaction since we understand that the processing of this data is also beneficial for you because the purpose is to improve the user experience and offer a higher quality service.



The personal data that you provide us will be kept for the time necessary to fulfill the purpose for which they are collected, however, we will subsequently keep them duly saved and protected during the time in which responsibilities arising from the treatment may arise, in compliance with the regulations in force at all times. Once the possible actions in each case are prescribed, we will proceed to delete the personal data that you have provided us.



To fulfill the purposes indicated in this Privacy Policy and in the Cookies Policy, it is necessary that we give access to your personal data to support us in the services we offer you, namely:
  • Financial entities
  • Fraud detection and prevention entities
  • Technology and analytics service providers
  • Suppliers and collaborators of logistics, transport and delivery services, and / or collaborating establishments of the same
  • Service providers related to customer care
  • Suppliers and collaborators of services related to marketing and advertising, such as social networks, advertising agencies or advertising collaborators.


We promise to respect the confidentiality of your personal data and to guarantee the exercise of your rights.
You can exercise your rights at no cost by writing an email to a unique email address info@myvegaly.com, simply indicating the reason for your request and the right you want to exercise.
In the event that we consider it necessary to identify you, we may request a copy of a document proving your identity. In particular, regardless of the purpose or the legal basis by virtue of which we process your data, you have the right to:
RIGHT OF ACCESS: Ask us for access to the data we have about you. We remind you that if you are a registered user on the Platform, you can also consult this information in the section corresponding to your personal data.
RIGHT OF RECTIFICATION: Ask us to rectify the data we already have. Remember that if you are a registered user on the web, you can also access the section corresponding to your personal data in your account to modify or update your personal data. In any case, keep in mind that, by actively providing us with your personal data by any means, you guarantee that they are true and accurate and you agree to notify us of any changes or modifications to them.
Any loss or damage caused to the website or to the person responsible for it or to any third party due to a communication of erroneous, inaccurate or incomplete information in the registration forms, will be the sole responsibility of the user.
Please remember that as a general rule you should only provide us with your own personal data, not those of third parties, except as permitted in this Privacy Policy.

  • RIGHT OF WITHDRAWAL: Ask us to Delete your data to the extent that it is no longer necessary for the purpose for which we need to process it as we have informed you above, or that we no longer have the legitimacy to do so.
  • RIGHT TO LIMIT THE TREATMENT: Ask us to limit the processing of your data, which means that in certain cases you can ask us to temporarily suspend the processing of the data or to keep it beyond the necessary time when you may need it. If you have provided us with your consent for the processing of your data for any purpose, you also have the right to withdraw it at any time.
  • RIGHT TO DATA PORTABILITY: When our legitimacy for the processing of your data is your consent or the execution of the contract, as explained above, you will also have the right to request the portability of your personal data. This means that you will have the right to receive the personal data that you have provided us in a structured, commonly used and machine-readable format, in order to be able to transmit it to another entity directly, whenever technically possible.
  • RIGHT OF OBJECTION: On the other hand, when the processing of your data is based on our legitimate interest, you will also have the right to oppose the processing of your data.

Finally, we inform you of your right to file a claim with the relevant data protection control authority, in particular, before:

- the Spanish Agency for Data Protection (https://www.agpd.es/portalwebAGPD/index-ides-idphp.php)


It is possible that we modify the information contained in this Privacy Policy when we deem it appropriate. If we do, we will notify you in different ways through the web (for example, through a banner, a pop-up or a push notification), or we will even communicate it to your email address when the change in question is significant for your privacy, so that you can review the changes, assess them and, where appropriate, oppose or unsubscribe from any service or functionality.



The website www.myvegaly.com (hereinafter, the "Website") uses cookies and other similar technologies to provide a better, faster and safer experience, improve navigation and obtain statistical data. In this Policy we explain what these technologies are , what they are used for (for example, to start browsing session, save preferences, personalize the content that is disseminated and show more relevant advertisements) and by whom.
Below we will explain how we, our partners and third parties make use of these technologies.

On our website www.myvegaly.com we use our own cookies that allow us to improve the user experience and offer content adapted to your interests thanks to the personalization of the content. In addition, we use third-party cookies (Google Analytics from Google Inc.) that personalize the advertising of the pages they visit with content of interest to our users.
If you continue browsing with the browser configured to accept cookies, we will understand that you accept the installation of cookies as detailed in the Cookies Policy

What are cookies?
Cookies are files that are sent to your browser and are installed in the terminal from which you navigate in order to store information that can be retrieved later.
Cookies allow a web page, among other things, to store and retrieve information about the navigation of a user or their equipment and, depending on the information they contain and the way they use their equipment, they can be used to recognize the user .
These technologies are essential for the correct functioning, integrity, availability and relevance of the contents of this Website, and they provide important advantages in the provision of services, facilitating navigation and usability.
Cookies are not computer viruses and cannot read information stored in any terminal. They also cannot damage, slow down or alter the user's equipment.

What do cookies do?
Cookies do not personally identify the user and do not pose any risk to their computer or mobile device. They are not viruses or spyware. They are simply tools used by the websites that the user visits to improve their navigation, so that their data travels through the network safely, to help us understand what information on our Website is most useful for our users or to know what offers may be of the interest of each user. And all this, in a totally anonymous way: we will never know the name of the user, or address or telephone number unless the user provides them. The user decides whether or not to allow cookies, but if he decides not to allow them, he must block them in his browser. Before blocking them, we want to help the user to better understand how cookies are used.

Cookie typology
Below we offer information about the type of cookies we use and their purpose:
1. Types of cookies according to the entity that manages them: Depending on who is the entity that manages the computer or domain from which the cookies are sent and treats the data obtained, we can distinguish:

  • Own cookies: They are those that are sent to the user's terminal equipment from www.myvegaly.com.
  • Third party cookies: They are those that are sent to the user's terminal equipment from a computer or domain that is not managed by Www.myvegaly.com, but by another entity that processes the data obtained through cookies. Since it is these third parties who carry out their implementation, their blocking and uninstallation is governed by their specific conditions and mechanisms.

2. Types of cookies according to the period of time that they remain activated in the terminal equipment:

  • Session cookies: They are a type of cookies designed to collect and store data while the user accesses a web page. These cookies are stored on your terminal until the user's browsing session ends.
  • Persistent cookies: They are a type of cookies in which the data is still stored in the terminal and can be accessed and processed during a period defined by the person responsible for the cookie, which can range from a few minutes to several years.

3. Types of cookies according to their purpose:

  • Technical cookies: They are those that allow the user to navigate through the website or platform and use the different options or services that exist in it, such as, for example, controlling traffic and data communication, identifying the session, accessing parts of restricted access, use security elements while browsing or store content to broadcast videos or sound or share content through social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Google+ or Youtube. These are session and persistent cookies.
  • Personalization cookies: They are those that allow the user to access the service with some predefined characteristics based on a series of criteria in the user's terminal, such as the type of browser through which they access the service, the regional configuration from where they access the service, etc.
  • Analytical cookies: They are those that allow us to quantify the number of users and thus carry out the statistical measurement and analysis of the use made by users of our website. For this, your browsing on our website is analyzed in order to improve it.
  • Advertising cookies: They are those that allow the management, in the most efficient way possible, of the advertising spaces that could be included on our website.
  • Behavioral advertising cookies: These cookies store information on user behavior obtained through continuous observation. Thanks to them, we can know your internet browsing habits and show you advertising related to your browsing profile.

For what purpose do we use cookies?
At www.myvegaly.com we use cookies at all times, throughout the website www.myvegaly.com:

  • To know the user's navigation and create advertising segments.
  • To offer the user personalized content.
  • To obtain statistical data from Google Analytics.

In addition, the user must bear in mind that, if he decides not to allow the use of cookies from www.myvegaly.com, some features of the Website may not work correctly and, in addition, we will not be able to adapt the information we offer to his interests. .

The information that we offer below will help to understand the different types of cookies that are installed through the different pages of this Website.

Web Analytics Google analytics Anonymously collects the site usage habits of visitors and the pages they have viewed
Performance www.myvegaly.com Its purpose is to store the identifier of a session.
Social networks (widgets, social) Facebook Connect These social media cookies are managed by third parties. With them we can obtain information from your profile on social networks. Also, thanks to them, you can publish information related to www.conzumo.com on your social network. You can get more information on the websites of the social networks that you have linked.
Advertising iAdvize


Facebook Custom Audiences

Google AdWords Conversion

Google Dynamic Remarketing

Twitter Advertising

Go Interactive
Anonymous chat usage statistics iAdvizeDoubleClick uses cookies to improve advertising. They are often used to target advertising based on content that is relevant to a user, improve campaign performance reports, and avoid displaying ads that the user has already seen. Facebook Custom Audiences lets you set up more effective Facebook ad campaigns Google AdWords Conversion and Google Dynamic Remarketing help track sales and other ad conversions Twitter Advertising uses cookies and pixels to personalize ads and measure their performance. With the use of these technologies, we can display advertisements and evaluate their effectiveness based on your visits to the websites. Ve Interactive allows you to give a better experience on our website and in everything that involves browsing within it. For this reason, we can teach you the content that is most relevant to you in a faster way


How to disable them?
Generally, browsers allow cookies by default. When you browse www.myvegaly.com you are accepting the use of cookies. However, you can decide if you want to browse with or without cookies, since users can modify their preferences at any time. To restrict, block or delete cookies from this Website, the user can do so, at any time, by modifying the configuration of your browser in accordance with the guidelines indicated below. Although the configuration of each browser is different, it is usual that the configuration of cookies is made in the "Preferences" or "Tools" menu.
The user can access the preferences menu of their browser and configure it so that cookies are not installed, delete existing ones and / or eliminate them before starting to navigate through other pages of the Website.
To configure cookie preferences, the user can follow the steps indicated, depending on the browser with which they are browsing, through the following steps:

Internet explorer




Safari IOS (iPhone, iPad)

Access the Settings section> Options> Advanced> Cookies (i) Accept cookies. All are accepted (default). (ii) Accept cookies only from the visited site. Third-party cookies are rejected for domains external to the one being visited. (iii) Never accept cookies. All cookies are rejected.

1. Open the Android browser, press the Menu key and access the Settings option.
2. In the Security and Privacy section we activate or deactivate the Accept cookies box.
3. Restart the browser for the changes to take effect.

Windows Phone
1. In Internet Explorer, tap More> Settings. You can also access Internet Explorer settings through Settings in the application list.
2. Select or disable the Allow cookies option on the phone to allow or block the storage of cookies.

In any case, www.myvegaly.com is not responsible for the content and veracity of the privacy policies of third parties included in this cookie policy.

If you continue browsing our Website, we consider you accept the use of the cookies contained in this Cookies Policy. You can revoke this consent at any time. You can also manage and control the cookies that we use on our Website through the tools for the use of cookies indicated above.

Update in the Cookies Policy:
The Cookies Policy may be modified based on legislative changes or in order to adapt said policy to the instructions issued by the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, as well as when there are changes in the agreements with third parties that install or use cookies to through our Portals.

We hope we have been able to help you with all your questions, but if you have more we would love to know, you can send us your questions to: info@myvegaly.com