Combined Combo 2 × 400g


Buy in combo and never miss Vegaly!

Healthy, very tasty and good dissolution. Our plant-based protein powder gives you energy.

Vegaly is the perfect combination of healthy and tasty. Buy in a combined combo and enjoy our two flavors.
Our formula based on a combination of isolated pea protein and isolated rice protein, gives it a complete and balanced amino acid profile. It is also of high nutritional value. Consuming our protein powders you get a contribution of + 70% for every 100g consumed. Vegaly gives you more than 17g of protein for each 25g scoop!

Give them a try! Know its balanced and sweet flavor.


>>Consumption tip: Mix a scoop of Vegaly Protein with 200 / 250ml of water or non-dairy milk for a perfect shake.


What ingredients do we use?

!! Congratulations!! Our Ingredients and organic raw material ensure a product with a balanced flavor and texture. 
We use cocoa powder and natural flavors to get the best flavor.
We chose sucralose as a sweetener as it does not increase blood sugar and does not contain calories.

Compare the taste and texture of Vegaly to other protein powder products and you will see the difference in our formula. We make healthy and rich products! That is our commitment to you.


How is it packaged?

Our packaging contains a thin layer of recyclable plastic that ensures the quality of the product and its good conservation. We do not use aluminum to facilitate recycling.

We want to minimize the impact of these materials, that's why we collaborate with The
Water Project in our desire to make a more sustainable world.

We ourselves were looking for a healthy, natural plant protein that we liked. The vegetable proteins that were on the market did not convince us, we had a hard time taking them due to their taste and poor dissolution. This is why we decided to create this product. Through which we want to invite all people to incorporate a greater consumption of vegetable proteins in their diet, because we are aware of the positive impact that a healthier and organic life generates for people and the world in which we live.

The decision to be healthier and choose a sustainable path is made easier with Vegaly.

Nutritional values for every 100gr of Chocolate flavor Protein
Energetic value  1767.64 Kj / 422.88 kcal


Of which saturated 

7.56 gr

2.43 gr


Of which sugars

11.86 gr

0.25 gr

Dietary fiber 

10.28 gr


71.71 gr


2.88 gr


Nutritional values per 100gr of Vanilla flavor Protein

Energetic value  1816.42 Kj / 434.55 kcal


Of which saturated 


1.95 gr


Of which sugars

12.84 gr

0.17 gr

Dietary fiber 

6.95 gr


76.28 gr


2.67 gr

No unnecessary ingredients:

+ Chocolate Protein (only 7 ingredients):

 Organic pea protein, organic rice protein, cocoa powder, aroma, salt, sucralose and cinnamon powder.

+ Vanilla Protein (only 5 ingredients):

 Porganic pea protein, organic rice protein, aroma, salt, sucralose.


We are a small business but with an enormous will to continue growing and committing to a healthier and more sustainable world.

Our raw material is of excellent quality and this is not going to change. For this reason, we cannot wait to grow, to be able to increase our production capacity and thereby lower our costs and become more accessible to everyone.

We share our costs: 




Production in Spain €11,44 €16,64

Boxes + Storage



Shipping + Commission Online Payments







To this we must add the investment costs in marketing, wages and fixed costs and taxes :)